The Latination

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International Latin-jazz 4tet (France-India). One of the only virtuoso and genuine Latin-jazz bands in India.

a power-packed performance
— Times of India
The Latination would build up to a euphoric whirlwind grappling everyone in its path
— The New Indian Express
[a] brillant musical performance [which] wooed one and all. […] The music perfectly adapted the ‘arty’ side of Bharat Bhawan resulting in swaying and dancing crowd
— Hindustan Times
The Latination took the stage by storm with Salsa and Latin-jazz, with some Afro-Latin rhythms thrown in
— The Hindu
a delighting performance […]. Music broke the barrier of language and became impressive
— The Hitavada
The Latination [...] enthralled Doonites with their mesmerising performance [...]. The admirable messianic zeal was apparent [...]. These magicians can spellbind anyone from the young to the old and captivate the audience with their dexterous fingers playing on their respective instruments; hypnotizing one and all
— The Garhwal Post
a hit from the word go. The band […] wowed all who were present
— Calcutta Times
a sharp and colourful atmosphere. […] The urban sound of their music provided the melting pot astonishing fun to the audiences [which] were spell-bounded towards the music they played on stage. […] It was an extravaganza for the music lovers as they listened to the concert with rapt attention
— The Pioneer
What brings them together is the passion for a form of music that hasn’t been explored much in India
— The Daily Post
With their upbeat sound, The Latination is all set to woo […] jazz enthusiasts
— Indulge
The Latination is playing hard to make the sounds of Latin-jazz loud and clear across India
— The Indian Express
The Latination is one of the most promising […] jazz bands in India
— Kathmandu Post
The Latination […] played jazz tunes as dancers took turns to shake a leg
— The Telegraph
Helmed by Emmanuel Simon […], The Latination is a Latin-jazz outfit that’s the result of a collaboration of French and Indian jazz and Latin music virtuosos
— Jetwings
The Latination, which is the only Latin-jazz band in the country, wax eloquent about fusing the typical Latin music […] with European jazz music
— The Tribune
A live performance by The Latination, a brilliant and authentic Salsa and Latin jazz band had the guests swaying and tapping their feet to the beats all night
Their enthusiasm is worth admiring, their passion is worth feeling, and their music is worth listening. All possess a splendid wit and humour which they keep feeding to the audience on and off during their performance making the experience thoroughly enjoyable. The Latination won the heart of everyone present, particularly the young who were exposed to the music for the first time
— The Garhwal Post